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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The View From Our Future Holiday Home?

The View
Originally uploaded by Grim....
Handily, H's Godmother owns this house in the Bahamas (and her father owns most of Freeport) and it has an awesome view.

It was pretty windy at the time, in fact the weather went mad for about an hour each morning, which was pretty odd.

It rained a few times, but that was a good thing - the rain was warm, and afterwards lizards appeared everywhere. Seeing wild lizards is not something I expected to see.

There are a couple of downers, however:
1) All the cars are American. American cars are not good.
2) Broadband speeds are crap.
3) It's far too hot.
4) The food is so good you'd always eat out.
5) I'd have to buy a jet ski.

Other than that, the dollar is so weak against the pound at the moment that H and I would be pretty loaded if we went out there.

I don't think it's going to happen, though.


Blogger Grim... said...

I forgot to mention TV; American TV is good (especially Jerry Springer - Jerry in the USA is totally different to what we get shown in the UK. Get on the pole!), but the adverts are terrible.



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