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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Still can't quite get this into my head

The best man from my wedding, and the guy that helps out with disco's (N) and his fiancee, the wife's 'head' bridesmaid (M) (her in the photo down there), we're due to get married next year.
And now, they're not. In fact, they aren't even living in the same flat any more.

I tell you, it's fucking selfish of them, because now everything is wierd.
It's not that they scream and shout if they set eyes on each other, but they were together for six years, and they've been our best friends for seven, so if the wife and I ever went out, it was us and them.
Now, it's us and M and N.

And I haven't got my head around that yet...


Blogger SoSu said...

wait till they make you choose between them, then it gets really fun


Blogger Syl said...

Nice blog! (Jusp popping in to make a comment)


Blogger Grim... said...

Thanks, I update it myself =]


Blogger frogkisser said...

people are really very very selfish sometimes. They should try for their friends sakes!
Hire a lawyer before making any decisions between the two of them. Just friendly advice.


Blogger Grim... said...

They're not married, and they don't own any large items between them (flat is rented, car belongs to him, etc).

No need for lawyers, methinks.



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