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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sheikh. Zaff Sheikh.

I've got a job (which is a pretty big deal for me).
It's a permanent job which I got through an agency, and I've been here since August.
The agency guy is (excellently) called 'Zaff', who calls himself 'Agent Zaff' on the 'phone. As soon as he started to do this, we called him 'Special Agent Zaff' (do you see what we did there?).
I'm going out on the beer to meet Special Agent Zaff for the first time tonight, and I've got my camera with me, so I might even take some pictures.

Incidentally, the last time I went out on the beer with my workmates (I hate the word colleagues, almost as much as I hate the word Brunch) I had to wake my wife (let's call her 'H') up because my office key wouldn't open the door to my flat. At 3am. I then proceeded to make myself a toasted cheese sandwich, which involved getting the brand new toasted cheese sandwich maker out of it's packaging, and, apparently, whistling a lot.
Let's hope I can keep that sort of standard up, eh?


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